Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil

Answers come after the end.
They call it hindsight.
You think you know better
and think of it
as a kind of revelation.

As looking through a bridal veil,
you catch glimpses,
fragmented, incomplete hints
of the truth.

You look and wait for more,
each moment another piece
of some mysterious mosaic,
but you doubt.

You doubt the final image,
you have a sense that,
after it all,
you will be able to look
on a whole and complete masterpiece,
but you doubt.

You doubt that you will ever make sense of it;
you doubt and think it might be random,
or worse,

What choice do you have
but to wait
for that moment of revelation?

Now, the penultimate moment,
you feel him close,
the warmth of his hands near your face,
as he gently lifts the veil.