Hermeneutic [rev. 12-30-2016]


When discourse breaks
down, might begins to make

They are using the same
words, but they mean different

The powerful are abusing
power, the weak cry
out only to have more taken from the acknowledgement.

The best lack all
conviction, while the worst are full
of passionate intensity.

There used to be a way to settle
disagreement when words fail:
Code Duelo.

Now, the rules say this, but you say
they mean that, and he says they mean
less and other.

Without an agreement on first
principles, from which to begin a
peace, there will never be peace.

Scattered and alone, not sure what
anyone is saying, the babbling
continues toward the inevitable.

Someone must be
right. Something must be

Now, years after we met, I grow more
certain that you will ever understand.
You don’t even know what I mean.