Veni Sancte Spiritus [formerly “Spirit Dove”; rev. 8-24-2016]

​Veni Sancte Spiritus

A single dove glides aloft
leaving a streak of vapor
behind it.

It soars in unburning fire.
It warms the world with flame.

A single dove, wreathed in warmth,
descends on the bodies of all,
starting with the head moving
gently towards the ground.

A single dove perches on my
finger tip. I forget my pain and
feel alive, warm, tingling…healing.
It is warmth unlike any I have
ever experienced.
It is warmth
without pain, fire without flame; it
caresses my soul and brings to me
a purity which can never be described
in our feeble though glorious language.

As softly as it arrives it sweetly
flitters away, leaving no smoke
but vapor, beauteous, in my heart mind and spirit.

I miss you, please, again, come Holy Spirit.