And That Right Soon

And That Right Soon

You’re ready.

You’ve been through a decade
of being prepared
and getting prepared.

Now, you’re ready
to begin
so that you may,
one day soon,

You’ve done all you could to prepare.
You’ve done all that was asked of you
to prepare,
and then prepared more.

You’ve worked.
You’ve waited.
Learned the patience
of the Saints.

And now, you’re ready,
but despite that,
it is not yours
and never was.

Despite what they
have asked of you,
which you have more
than accomplished,
it is still not yours
and never will be.

It is not from you
or from them.
It is not up to you
and never will be.

This is not for you,
for you will do it
for everyone else.

It has never been up to you.

You began a decade ago,
so that soon you may begin
in order to begin.

Maranatha. Soon.