The Wounded [rev. 2-1-2017]

The Wounded

The ER trauma physician.
Another patient.
You begin.

“‘Here’ is what is hurting”
The chart says.
What is wrong? The cause?

You must do something
About what is wrong with a person
Who is in too much pain

To tell you
What is wrong.
Such as it is

For any healer.
The patient is society. The soul too.
A wounded spirit
Becomes blind to the behaviors ailing it.

The fox caught in the bear trap
Does not know why it is caught now,
Only that it was led there

And now is in too much agony
To wait for release.
The wounded animal

Doesn’t think, just defends its wounds
No matter if altruism arrives to release.
The teacher with students

Who aren’t learning.
The education is sound,
But what happens at home or what doesn’t

Stops their ears
Stops their hearts
Before they get to the teacher.

It’s what you don’t know
That’s hurting.