May 13

May 13th

Long have you pondered the significance of the Thirteenth of May.
The reason for the choosing of the month is obvious enough:
May is Mary’s month.  “But,” you wonder, “Our Lady of Fatima,
Why did our Lord send you on the Thirteenth so many times?”

One time you wondered if it might be because she
Was the 13th person in the room at Pentecost,
But on reflection, you’d forgotten to subtract
For Judas’s absence and left the mystery where it was.

Years pace for you, age, reflection, mystical contemplation
Arises in your soul at our Lord’s calling and guidance.
You start to receive inspiration as though they were your own thoughts.
You start to understand with a clarity a depth, in short, you start to see.

One day, meditating on the many codes in the miraculous image
Of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the tilma, you notice her hand:
The little finger slightly separated from the other three united,
And you smile–she is teaching us the mystery of the Trinity.

Several weeks later, the Month of the Rosary begins
Inspiration arises, 13, of course.  1 and 3 in today’s numbering.
So subtle, like the mystery that it is, yet so obvious to those
Who see with the eyes of faith, and of course, it is not about our Lady,

But our Lady pointing to Our Lord, God.  One God, three persons; 13.