Letting Go [rev. 1-31-2017]

Letting Go

Tangled in anxiety,
You once remarked
How you felt like
You were just
Hanging in there.

The response came from her:
At least you know
Who’s holding the rope.

Years pass, the metaphors multiply,
And you’ve been holding on
Too long to continue holding.

Loosening the grip
A bit at a time,
The anxiety of holding on
No longer as frightening
As the anxiety of letting go

And the unknown of the falling.

Unlike the times before,
When in the falling
You reached for another rope
That was held up only
By other falling until impact
Beyond impact of wringing hands,

This time

The one who was holding the rope
Holds you up

Because you do not grasp
For other than He,
But now fall into

Instead of letting you fall,
Hands free for the first time
You fall from your thoughts and fears

Into your heart,
which is His heart
For whom else could you trust it to
After your nightmares–
After so many wounds?

Let Him.
Let yourself