For the Light that Lives

For the Light that Lives

For the Light that never dies
Is the horizon beacon

Which is before you
On your journey, should you keep it in focus.

Oh it is an antique image:
The pilgrim crossing the valley;

And when the perils of the desert
Wasteland are traversed,

Only then does the true labor begin:
The climbing…for the test of traveling,

Lost and parched of thirst
Aiming for a distant beacon

Is a test only insofar as the climbing remains
Before you.

Have you the strength left
In your aging bones

To make that final climb?
Towards a beacon, guiding ever

In the darkness of the valley
That shines of a promise

That one may only hope
Is the fulfillment

For which was once set out
At life’s beginning, not to achieve

But to approach
And receive.