Beloved Disciple

​Beloved Disciple

The only apostle to

die a natural death

in old age, John,

shared his experience of

the Word with us.

Imprisoned and exiled

on the island he could

only celebrate the Eucharist

without the massing of disciples, so

he wrote about it,

had his spiritual

revelation, seeing as it was

and is, and would be to come,

the Lamb of God.

We feast on your flesh,

and John understood this

better than anyone save

the Ark, save the Tabernacle,

save the Mother given to him

by Christ on the Cross.  Rising

and Fifty days’ more revealing.

Descent of her Divine Spouse.

What is the mystery

of Pentecost?

The Apostle’s praying in memory.
Mary’s second communion.

What was it for her to be reunited with

the Son she birthed?

I have no words but these

for the beauty, no words

for the breaking of His body

for you, for me, us…

behold the Son of Man bevome Sin for us

you, me, Adam revealed to Adam.

Have mercy, oh, Heavenly bread

which pierced her heart and does

so every time the Beloved Disciple

beholds the Agnus Dei–

tells the disciples, the beloved,

“Behold, Agnus Dei.”