Vera Icona: A Litany

​Vera Icona: A Litany
-after Veronica
-from Psi, Phi & the Limits of Infinity: A Master’s Thesis


I have seen Him …


in the greatness of His name,

… in the misery
He allows.

… in children
at play.

… in photographs of
Holocaust survivors.

… in fireworks
displays and nuclear explosions.

… in the works
of the saints.

… begging for
food on a street corner.


As lovers
holding hands


… , I have seen Him.

In a stumbling
drunk …

In a glass
of water and by the ocean at sunset …

On the faces of champions
and on the faces of those they defeated …

As innocent civialians
mistakenly bombed …

In the everyday
guy working to get by …


I have seen Him in smiles, in tears,
and on the faces of everyone I have ever met
, have I seen Him, but I have not seen
Him in the mirror.