Revelation and the Veil

Revelation and the Veil

With baptism comes a new sight,
And a veil to shade the bright light
From eyes too new and vulnerable
to regeneration in the world.

The veil is knit in crosses
through which the soul sees glimpses
of the truth that is being sung
through the mask of all creation.

The glimpses are first heard
and, once turned to see, are followed
until closer through the veil,
more glimpses are glimpsed of eternity.

The glimpses pieced together
from behind the veil of joy, tears and travail,
are of the wedding and the feast until
the consummation of the world.

Until the consummation is the labor
groaning in unyielding pangs,
from behind the bridal veil
of the beauty of the coming day.

In the consummation is the rising
of the veil and lifting of creation’s mask
until you, behind the veil see fully
Him, the Triune One who sings so sweetly,

calling you through the mask.