The 10 Paraphrases – A Decalogue for 2016

The Ten Paraphrases
-A Decalogue for 2016

1. Keep God before your self image and, well, everything else, too.

2. Stop using God’s name as foul language or exclamations and just stop swearing like a juvenile in general.

3. Go to Church Sunday. Every Sunday. Claiming football season as an excuse breaks #1 too.

4. Respect your elders and the wisdom they have for you about life. Visit anyone in a nursing home. Call your mom and dad more often than on holidays, and visit their grave or place of internment to pray for them often.

5. Don’t intentionally kill anyone or their reputation.

6. Don’t have sexual relations unless and until you’re married to that person of the opposite sex.

7. Don’t take anything that is someone else’s or that you aren’t paying for.

8. Dont distort or otherwise confuse the truth for your fantasy world or whatever delusion you want someone else to have. This also goes against #5.

9. Don’t desire someone else. They are God’s, not yours.

10. Don’t desire something else. It is God’s not yours.

Nota Bene – Infractions against 2-10 are all also infractions against 1.