Three Week Stay at Mont La Salle

Three Week Stay at Mont La Salle

I. The Vanishing Mountain

An entire mountain vanished
in the course of a few hours
one afternoon. What word to use

for a far off smoke other than plume?
It rose, to no surprise, amid a windy
afternoon and as the breeze carried

it across the valley, grass burned faster
and hotter. Fire planes overhead
carrying gallons from the lake

took days to quell the flame
and the mountain, took a week
to reappear where it had vanished.

II. Years Lacking Peace

A friendly codger rode
in a military surplus jeep.

Who but he knows the hours
spent maintaining the old World
War II automotive contraption?

I shouted ‘nice wheels’ and waved.
He held up his fingers in a ‘V’ while smiling

III. The Everlasting Flame

Calling to mind light

I wonder why I cannot

find it with my mind’s eye.

Then I remember, this ember

is always there especially

when I fail to notice…