When Alpha Is Omega

When Alpha is Omega

It is the last Sunday of Advent.
Everyone is full of expectation and hope,
and rightly so, given the shackles
of sin in which we’re bound.

The coming of the liberator is nigh.

Hades conspires in terror
to prevent it, to find the breach
of the battle line and prevent
its opening.

What horror there is in Hell
at the coming of an infant?

This new life disproves the rebel stratagem to murder–
conception and birth revolting against
the worldly and spiritual principalities and powers

that would have no king but themselves…

whose machinations claim power by devouring their own machinations…

who would have to annihilate even themselves to be victorious against the Creator…

Even in this, as in else, they are thwarted.

The king is born: invasion into creation
to lay down the final confrontation:

that decimating battle
from homeless cradle to passionate Cross.