What He IS to Be

What He IS to Be

At first, it was only
the three of them
and the ox and ass.

No other live stock even.

It was not robbing these animals
of much to use the manger
for a crib.

It was cold, the babe — swaddled.

In the silence, the nervousness
was beyond coiled, a loneliness
so absent it was present.

Then came the light.

The infant cried for nursing,
the vulnerability of the following moments,
hosts descended at the guard.

The light brought joy.

When the babe was content again,
the celebrants arrived. Shepherds
and sheep from the wastelands

Come to the light.

This night, begun in neglect, silent,
abandoned by the family at the inn
of David’s House, brought David,

the shepherd boy to the light.

Here in a manger, the family of the bride,
the family of the father, the family of the child,
arrived to the light of the hosts

announcing Peace upon Earth,

and this child, oh this child of light,
my God, oh John, cry out, what he is to be,
as we come and see him so vulnerably.