Science of Silence

Science of Silence

Science is catching up to the prayer life of the Church.
Studies have finally gotten around to providing evidence
That new brain cells grow in the hippocampus
When a mammal brain spends prolonged time in silence.

It is odd to say science is catching up since
The scientific method was developed by thinkers
Of the Church. The method is now demonstrating
What the Church has known for two millennia.

Silence gives you time to think about the important truths.
It lets you delve deeper into the experiences you’ve had.
It lets you reflect more clearly on your own life.
It lets you hear what you do not hear during worldly noise.

The Truth speaks to you so gently, so softly, so peacefully
That you need to attune the ears of your soul to be able to hear.

In short, find silence and you will find Him.