Since 1565

Since 1565
What Knights of Occident are better known
than those Knights Hospitallers of Saint John?
To the man-at-arms in every town
Malta’s soldierly is renowned.

Oh, Knight of Malta, tell us Truth,
who do the eight points of your crosses pierce?
You come with convoy and with aide
as once you garrisoned the dismayed.

Your homes are open to wayfairers without home
who wanders from war having lost his land
but is this for you to take the glory,
this the license for your brag? Nay, humility!

I’ve never met a Knight with pride from Malta
and chivalry remains his way.
Love and charity are watchwards
and pennance keeps his enemies at bay.

Today the Dames of Malta, mothers to those
Whose mothers wept for their children as they perished.
Faith, the Maltese model testimony, Fidelity, the model of family,
always through the night to guard the weak, and today,

Is St. Elmo taken again? Is St. Elmo taken from within?
The news discourages all who seek the fullness of our Joy.
Is this the time for which we’ve waited
All this time, prayer and battle training,

Now that the darkness has reached the step,
The step of the Family? It was the step of an Altar
at which he hoped to kneel, the step, the lowest step,
where he strove and contended with one

just one last desire in his heart.
The Saracens continued encroaching, he fought, and fought harder
as spears and arrows pierced him, and then he dragged what was left of his armour

towards St. Elmo’s Chapel Door. He drew open the door
to enter in, but a sword stabbed through his back,
and emptied his breath, his heart’s will, upon the portico floor,
with the breath of his prayer, his loyal prayer to his King.

This Knight Hospitaller of Saint John,
he perished striving to enter in
and atone for the lives that he could not defend,
striving to atone at the Altar of our Lord.