The Master Calls

The Master Calls
You knock on the door.
The porter, who invited you,
informs you that the steward
asks that you return later.

The master calls you
to another citadel.
You knock on doors.
You talk with porters.

One suggests an opening,
and you appeal to the steward
who tells you what to do
before returning.

Years pass as you are wearied
along the way.
Waiting for the glimpse
of an opening door.

You knock on more,
speak to the porters
and know neither are these
the portals to be entered.


So many places, like the traveling folk,
you have yet to know a home
but before the master in his tent,
wherever he calls you.


Another citadel, you knock,
the porter takes
your word to the steward
who leaves the door closed.

This porter, going another mile,
sends word to local stewards
of other citadels who say
their doors are closed.

You know the steward of the region
to be a principled steward,
and you have been to his citadel
for healing many times, finding peace.

You travel there, knowing his say to merit
with the master and to simplify
the concerns of all who would ask
if the door were opened.

His porter says no. His porter
has an examiner question you,
and without reasonable response,
the porter turns you away.

You hear the call to persevere. The master sends
conviction and courage and patience.
Discouragement is not of his house,
never from his tent, or his servants.

You return to the steward of the region,
ask the porter to take your cause before him.
The porter slams the gate. You knock.
He shouts and slams again.

You watch and pray and return.
You appeal to a distant steward
who knows your cause,
knows the master and the lady.

You wait. You pray. You call many
to prayer. You invite the porter
who had nothing but rejection for you,
you invite him to prayer.

You wait outside the door.
Not knocking. Just waiting,
watching and praying
for the opening by the master

who, though delayed, will soon arrive.
And how will he find
the steward of his region
and the porter who must obey

and the servant waiting,
through all trials,
outside the door?