Making Distractions

Making Distractions

The noise never stops.
Thundering engines,
electric whirring of motors,
fans dilapidating still air,
and the beeps and buzzers
with the flashing light screens
of whatever this after modernity is
is noise for the eyes and touch and

When was the last time you heard
her whisper in your ear?
The last time the birds called to dance
in Spring uninterrupted?
Have you heard ocean break
without stereo speakers blaring?

We are born into a world not a world
but a distraction from all it was made to be
for us, and we keep making more distractions!
The more we make, the less we are
what we were made to be
for each other.

You need a break, but cannot find one.
You need silence if just to be the one soul
in the world not a world to pause and reflect
on whether we ought to continue the distractions
the making if the distractions that keep us distracted
from realizing we are alive! It hurts to hear!
It hurts! But at least for the moment you will realize
you are alive, that the pain is real enough,
which means you are real enough
to listen to the silence for your
God given right to something better than ignorance!

Throw your wooden shoes into
the turbines powering the grid.