For Ash Wednesday 2017

For Ash Wednesday 2017
Remember, you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

“You’ve got something on your forehead.”

“I know.”

“What is it?”

“I’m Catholic.”

“Oh, so that explains what’s on your forehead because…”

“It’s ash.”

“Oh. Why do you, being Catholic, have ash on your forehead today?”

“Because we’re goners.”


“It’s a ‘None of us gets out of this world alive’, kind of thing.”

“Wait, what?”

“We’re all going to die…just not quite yet hopefully.”

“Uhh, really?”

“Yes. Some of us might live again after we die. The rest of us will die…twice.  So we’re going to spend a month and a half atoneing for anything bad that might, you know, have consequences in the next life, too.”


“Oh, yes, actions have consequences in this life aaaannnnddd in the next life, in case you hadn’t yet noticed.  This is how we get ready for Easter.”

“You don’t really believe all that do you?”

“Absolutely. Pass the hummus.”