Apostle After the Fact

Apostle After the Fact

Christ Jesus never
washed the feet of Paul.
Paul, who perhaps needed his feet washed more than the rest:

who studied The Law
at the feet of Gamaliel,
whose journeys took the ends
of the known earth by storm

before he experienced
the resurrected Jesus
after he experienced the resurrected Jesus.

Paul who was an apostle
not counted
among the twelve,
one of two uncrucified.

He was a citizen of Rome,
a persecutor, torturer, and killer
conscripted to carry out the demise
of The Way.

He would, later, be
beheaded in Rome itself
for promulgating The Way
along with Peter,

chief among apostles,
who was crucified upside down
for promulgating The Way.
Romans don’t crucify their own citizens,

and Caesar no longer has his way.