In Franciscan Voice

In Franciscan Voice

As day gets closer to night
the sun remains my brother
and at night, the moon, my sister.

The sun, the light, my brother to magnify…
the moon, the reflecting glow,
my sister of whom the mysteries ponder…

Man and woman,
Adam & Eve,
their complementarity meant to compliment

and praise the Three oh so One! who created them,
first marriage!

One flesh, tending the brother tree
and sister vine of the garden,
together, so united in the way of He who makes.

The seventh day: novelty lurks
during a rest.
One flesh, man and woman He created them,
they wander to different places in the garden.

Not side by side, though undivided,
and yet who knows the excuse for dividing…
the corrupting of flesh is the agony we offspring, too, know.

remember… .