The Father Adopts

The Father Adopts

What was the first clue?

The child without a father
of his own?

The separation of parents?

The tolerance of civil divorce?

The tolerance of civil administration
of weddings which had always
been a religious administration?

The tolerance of divorce
and remarriage in the East?

We go back further
we go back further

to the wine running out

we go back further
we go back further

to David and Joab & Bathsheba

we go back further
what was the first clue?

The consequences? The fall?
The disobedience? The temptation?
A speaking serpent? A familiar assault?

A wife parting
from her husband for
but a day in the garden.

We go back further
and in the beginning when it is
before we can go back:

the assault on the throne,
the assault on the Triune
by the intended lightbearer–
his spite of the plan impressed…

The assault on the family
was and is not and will be for a short time;
He saw Satan fall like lightning.


The model!
The Father and the Son
and their Love!

Time and corruption.
Space and decay.
Restoration of the model!

The Mother bears the Son!
A father adopts. Model from the model!
The Son restores!

“I saw Satan fall like lightning.”
The Father adopts! Us!
The son has restored and then

time and corruption
space and decay
renewal and reform,

renewal and reform
The Father adopts still
the discipline, the disciples

need reminding, need renewal
of the model of the Sacrament
the integrity, the discipline, the cost

the economy of discipleship.
The Sacrifice. The Sacrifice. The Sacrifice.
We forget the model, the Father adopts still

to teach us, we lost boys,
we lost girls, we lost children.
Brothers and sisters? Brethren? Family?

The Father adopts still…