The Bride

The Bride
-circa 2014

Her fairest glance can topple thrones
and raises them from dust
She is a mother to all those
who long to know the King
Her lips sing sweetly wisdom
only Solomon has known

To learn from her and to obey
her teachings is to live
With her is highest elegance
and through her comes all grace

She perseveres when suffering’s
remaining upright still
She nourishes the thirstiest souls
with the most precious taste
When night brings storms and lightning strikes
her candles show the way

Of her can be said all the right
for spotless is her gown
Her hair ‘neath veil is mystery
of poetry to seek
Were she to blush, and how she does,
all sorrow would be joy
But gentlemen she can’t be had
her groom is coming soon

What bride is this who’s touched my heart?
Prepared me to be wed?
I pray you’ve met or will before
the resurrection of the dead