An Invocation to the Muse

An Invocation to the Muse

Dear Lord,

I don’t know why you made me a writer
when your Beloved Apostle already
wrote of you so much better
than I ever could or will.

John wrote, inspired, and through his eyes
I see You say to me, too,
Brother, behold your mother
as to Mary, Mother, behold your son.

What else could I ever write,
oh Lord, that would mean anything
beyond what You have already written?

A Letter a Revelation a Beloved
through whom we read the testimony
the witness to You of just how much
we, too, are Beloved.

And so I will not bury this talent–
as worthless and incomparable
next to Yours
as I so often find my writing to be
–no I will not bury it,
this burden of weight or value
with which you have entrusted me,
but continue to invest
even and especially because
I am always humbled by so perfect
an Author as You, and so beloved
a brother of yours as John,

Oh Father and Son and Holy Spirit,
Thrice-Holy Lord God Who IS One,
be and remain my only muse.