What Martha Had Yet to See

What Martha Had Yet to See

When Martha complained of Mary
what she had yet to see
was just how wearisome the work
of sitting at the Lord’s feet can be.

Mary, it is true,
had chosen the better share,
but learning from the Perfect Rabbi
requires no small examination.

He teaches with love
through word and through gaze
and the fear and trembling with which
the student works are not easily loosed
from the world’s ways.

With ardour and with tumbling
through each of His wounds
and yours, he shows you who He is
and the Truth of who you are.

It is not easy to bear the Cross
of the sight of such pure reality
but because He leads you through
the turmoil of so much uncertainty

following His Cross by carrying yours
is a better share, indeed,
than the mounting maladies
of attempting to flee.

Where will He lead you in the end?
Where is He Life upon the Tree?
Will you learn from Him
and suffer with Him
or will you flee eternally?