Your Replies Are Wanting

Your Replies are Wanting

Empty lungs stretched for air.
Empty stomach and your first
cry for milk breaches the ward.

Lack of warmth. Irritating fluorescent lights.
Something is missing, missing.
What is not as it ought to be?

Information pours in through the senses
but the mind is never full.
You find a companion, make a home,

have a child of your own,
but that feeling, that restless,
lonely space in you is never full.

You’ve searched the globe,
pondered the stars, examined all
each person recommended.

Nothing soothed the emptiness,
the vacuousness was still a vacuum in you,
where you hoped for flame, found dark and cold.

In these, your twilight years,
the consolation has yet to come.
As you let out your last sigh,

you know your search is done.
It was not for you to find,
but for you to surrender

and let find you, it is not you
who comes to an an end,
but to you to whom the End comes.

As you close your eyes and find the flame
erupt within your heart,
you exhale your dying breath

recall the trials and weary miles of emptiness,
and learn the lesson finally,
the absence is how God calls to you

to teach that He is all you want.