The Porter Saints

The Porter Saints

-pleading the intercession of Sts. Alphonsus Rodriguez and Andre Bessette

Here, the hearts are hardened
while priding themselves
that such is not so,
look, after all, at what smart work they do.

These men of fortune’s circumstance
think themselves wise
and conform their communal standards
with a mere pragmatist’s desires.

Then this one comes who they find simple,
that one who cannot pass their tests,
and another one arrives
to their lack of surprise
whose mind moves beyond the rest.

The door, for each, they decide, goes unopened.
Though through the heart of each man, the call was clear
that they arrived to closed doors
to the hardness of hearts
of men immobilized by fear.

Fear of the Lord is one thing,
for such is what moves us towards life;
but a fear that has choked off
the flame of God’s heart
is not the beginning of the wise.

And so men of heart arrive to doors unopened,
as Joseph and Mary arrived with child at an inn;
they could not be admitted to where they were called
because of the failures of worldly wisdom.

What dim light is had in such intellects!
So dim they cannot see who arrives
when it happens to be the very man
that was meant
to relight the lamp of their eyes.

So it was no small vocation,
that these men of intellect who had fallen blind,
were left to need a saint of sight to watch the door
that they’d been too blind to open when wisdom arrived.