Mosaic of the Holy Name

Mosaic of the Holy Name

These stones, so many,
you look at them each, one by one,
their variety of hue

relative to your place
as you pass by
looking on each, one by one.

You see the white one, the red one,
then black then a pale
and having passed them all

reflect on what they all must mean.
‘My God!’ as His mosaic blinds you first with fear.
‘What have I done? What have we done?’

You hang on your cross.
You cannot get down.
You are dying.

The whole of the mosaic
comes into your view
and you see your one hope.

The next time you see it,
you remember and say as you did the last,
‘my God, why did you not show me sooner?’

While cleaning your wounds,
He will say as He did the last,
‘my child, why did you not show me sooner?’