Via Crucis

Via Crucis

All pain is a way to know my pain.
Is a way to know me.
What I do for you.

Beloved, let me introduce you
to my suffering in the world,
to my passion, crucifixion, and death.

From my birth to my flight to having to be found,
From those who reject to him who betrays to him who denies and those who flee,
I am solitary for being misunderstood and despised for understanding.

Interrogated, scourged, condemned,
I embrace the world who hates me
and am nailed to to die, stripes of sin to die with me.

If the world has hated me, it will hate you.
I know every one of your sufferings already–
see how I suffer for you to suffer with you.

I have known you, I know your pain intimately
so that you may come to know me intimately.
These wounds are for you as I lead you to persevere.

By my stripes, you are healed.
Come, follow me.
I am the Way.