Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

In the pitch dark
of a wanting of any light
of even a glimmer
to reveal the way

you have heard it said
not to focus directly ahead
but to take the broad view–
to see the dim glow in your peripheries.

When you think the light bright
and you are so certain of your way
your course is clear enough, you think,
as you wander confident even through the sunset.

But in the dark, as you find yourself again,
you discover the false light of your way:
discover that what you thought was light
was a lie you told yourself about the dark.

Now in the dark you, too are like the rest,
that which you have never noticed
as you looked ahead into darkness:
the lie you have told yourself is admitted.

Like the periphery you have been
so certain of your way to have ever looked upon,
you, too, have never been looked upon
and the strike of fear at your lost course

your admission of your lie, sends you stumbling
with what haste your broken limbs still contain,
to that glow on the periphery
where the true light of mercy will give you sight.