She accuses you
of starting a conspiracy,
lawyer that she is.

She didn’t know
that when you asked her to pray
you would go on to ask more to pray.

You stand accused of conspiracy,
for without their hearing of it,
you prayed that all their prayers be one.

Charity operates from the inner room.
The left hand never knows what the right does–
the receiver never sees the giver who counts no cost.

A grace freely given by the invisible hand of God,
triune as He is, is then, the conspiracy of three in One,
and apparently, you are in on it, a player in the prayer.

You believe He created all things, visible and invisible,
and, spent on theories without evidence of how the visible
is a coerced conspiracy of invisible powers, you go on to proclaim

the reality behind these suspicions all have
some kernel of light or smoke of dark to them,
though none here visible are behind the curtain, you know.

Unseen through these mortal, fragile bodies we here let bleed,
is the tempest that rages over the destination of each soul,
fought around each soul and in each soul, that,

The Triune God with the Queen of Heaven
and the multitude of the Heavenly Host
are conspiratorially arrayed in battle lines to equip each soul,

while the Powers and the Principalities are all
writhing to infiltrate as spies under cloak and decay
to coerce the soul to say my way is it’s own.

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