Pillar of Salt

Pillar of Salt

Don’t look back.
There won’t be anything
in what you’re leaving behind
good for you to look upon.

Let the plow turn over the soil
one turn on this side of the plow
is the only furrow in which
the mustard seed will be planted.

The tree of mustard sheltering
the birds of the air drops its seed
into the wind and wherever it lands
its salt in the earth lets only mustard grow.

The salt in the wound stings
and causes a strong push
of exhaling expiring breath
as the sterile wound clotarizes.

If you look back you will
become a pillar of what
cleanses by killing
that which kills the living.

Let the dead bury their dead.
No one who puts his hand
to the plow and looks back
is fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

When blessed salt of correction
stirs the muted conscience
of the invisible spiritual wound
that only the soul can show

the Divine Physician for healing,
his Attending must expect
that exhaling expiring wincing shriek
that is sign both of the infection

and that the soul can no longer hide it
from the Divine Physician in the dark.

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