On the Feast of Corpus Christi, A.D. 2017

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, A.D. 2017

The staff with bronze serpent,
the healing purge of the venom,
the water from the rock,
the manna, the calf broken,
the manna, the law given,
the manna, the discipline of disciples,
the followers of a promise,
liberated from captivity
in the desert, survive on manna
and water from the rock.

Having fled from captivity.
Back to the birthright promised land–
again full of murderous idolaters,
surely we are lost should we arrive so soon,
ploughshares and pruning hooks
in hand as settlers
knowing only how
to be whipped and scourged
for more labor and less livelihood.
Forty years onward.
A generation born out of servitude.
A generation of disciplined disciples,
faithful in love of God–One God, taught
and commanded to remain free thence.

Pharoah, who could not keep his word,
another reneging of his own legal decree, ten plagues and then
ten renegings and then, Ozymandias’ toppled head
is discovered by British explorers
three millennia later in the cradle
of settlements of Empire.

In the desert, liberated
to fight for a birthright,
given the law of love
and command to discipline
as disciples, hardened by fasting
and delight of feast on manna
there is a time to sow and a time to reap,
a time for peace and a time for war,
a time for ploughshares and pruning hooks
and a time for khopesh, spears, and sling–
turn the metal to the tool for turning dust–
remember, man, that you are dust.


A time for the sword of the Cross to pierce
the dust of the world,
the dust of which all men are made,
piercing down to the darkened tombs in which all men are laid,

for the blood from the piercing to run down to the tomb,
where Adam once led all his sons to their ruin,

a time for the light to pierce past the breach,
for the rock to spring forth the life giving peace,

for the roses to crown the Queen of the Son
who came as King to be crowned with thorns
to heal all we Adams have done,

and He rose as the light and then,
we who disciples learn to see,

He Himself, the Resurrection Himself,
is all our hope, our only hope, our One Hope,

His way, He Who is the Way, Via, ὁδὸς, Son of David,
the Tetragrammaton, Jesu, IHS, Root of Jesse,
ineffable profundity of His name!

He who lead you out of Egypt,
He who saves you from slavery
to Sin and Death, He IS Who Saves.

This Hope is His birthright, His promised heaven,
of the discipline to hear the law,
“Come, follow me.”
The hope that he gives us
to His merciful father to be adopted
into that same birthright.

Remember, man, you are dust…
Remember the Lord who brought you out…

Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.
Do this in remembrance of me.

Do you remember,
or are you a member
of the Mystici Corporis Christi
through the Verum Corpus Christi?

Qoheleth! Ecumenicon! Chase not
after the wind! For the Holy Ghost carries you
when you permit Him, so that,
not the the spirit of the age or nought, so duplicitous,
when it is time,
sometime soon, He, Himself will call
and convene one assembly again!

The key to the Royal Treasury
and the key to Palace Gate,
of the servant of servants
of the guardians of the deposit
remain secure with him
who is the one servant
accorded the authority
to call the whole world.

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