Herding Cats

Herding Cats
-After T. S. Eliot’s most popular collection

Does this one think too highly of himself or too lowly of others?

This one takes too much? Or is it that he counts the cost?

Oh, dear. This one. All too common these days…or nights rather.

This one’s a firecracker all right, which mightn’t be a problem with less powder and lengthier fuse.

Oh my, this one, all or nothing!

This one fears offending or is it that he’d rather be that one than correct?

Oh, this one. Never but twice a year this one, unless something horrible happens.

And this one. This one. Again, isn’t it?

Oh, hello, Mr. Possum. I know we don’t see you much. You keep so busy

with that one or this one and meetings with these or those. The ones that you choose.

You say there are times in the bulletin, Mr. Possum?

These ones don’t read bulletins! These ones are all right and fine and certainly

know better than the one who never preaches on confession or where to go.

Mr. Possum must expect those ones, or is it these ones, to want to learn more about this parish he thinks his,

while lamenting under moonlight about
no practical cats in line for confession.

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