Ecce Peccator

Ecce Peccator

This, the labor,
the bringing forth
from womb or earth.

Naked did you come forth
from the earth
and naked shall you
, too, go back again.

By the sweat of your brow
shall the fruits you bring forth
from the soil
never satisfy.

Surely, you shall die,
and to dust you shall return
beneath the belly crawling thing
that condemned to consume
the dust of which you are.

Having eaten of the tree
of which you were commanded
not to eat, you now know
what it is to be not
the good that ought to be.

Here, the sword bearer
wielding his flaming sword
about and about
to guard the way
lest you reach for another tree.

Now you labor,
and you will die,
and all these sufferings
you will endure

to find the truth that they are a help
for you to remember
your only help
whom you so often forget.

Behold the Tree of Life:
Do this in rememberance…