Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis

Who wonders much
about the meaning of life
after the century we just had
and in the century
of which has been born thereof?

Who wonders at all
about existing or existence
with the world
in such labor pains
and one’s self lost in the suffering?

What is the meaning of life
is rather
what is the meaning of me
for without the other
who can reflect my meaning?

Here, the wounds–
here, the pain of the wounds–
here, the value of the pain
is worth more than that
of not existing

if not only for the cross,
the value of Him who endured
all wounds inflicted, even unto
the abandonment by all others,
so that in my suffering,

or perhaps yours, too,
we might be united to Him
in an understanding of Him
and His suffering
and the meaning – the value –

born thereof.


He is reason.
Hope to rise with Him.