the meaning of His name,
that Name above every name,
He IS Jesus, He saves:
God saves.

Call on Him
in your distress.

Offer every wound
and every tear
and every suffering
and sorrow and ache
–everything you lament–

to Our Lord
through His Mother.

He, who knows suffering
of all and for all,
finds these so precious
in His Heart


when given to Him
for His Kingdom,
he is delighted
to enjoin them
amongst the jewels
of His crown

as He so delights in your soul
when you give Him permission
to console you.

Let Him who is salvation
be a salve to your wounds.

Turn to Him,
turning with all your wounds
and all you are,

vulnerable to Him alone,

that soon
you may behold Him,
held by Him,

being with Him
and the crown
he holds so dearly
that is for you.