Five Perspectives of Deliverance [formerly “Five Perspectives on Deliverance”; rev. 11-22-2018]

Five Perspectives of Deliverance

I. Chrism

We heard the blood-curdled scream:–
a man outside the Church cried out
just and at the very moment that
the Bishop breathed into the Oils.

II. Heart of hearts

After rushing in the wrong door
He pointed, jeering,
“Is that your God?!”
and fled through that door

upon the elevation of the Host
by the custodian from Ars
before the Heart of the Curé,
incorrupt, still breathing life.

III. Mysteries

Become a plumb line, straightened
with her hands together,
justified and pointed up in prayer,
eyes closed as she Communes upon the floor.

IV. Unction

Jesus wept
those tears that he had needed,
then raised the dead to feed him.

V. Viaticum

He said, “I know what that is!”
as the Chaplain gave Communion
to a soul in confirmation
so the Priest Communed him first.