A Third of the Stars Swept Down

A Third of the Stars Swept Down

We hear of wars in distant lands.
We speak of peace while selling arms.
When comes the war that ends the wars?

The errors spread since Adam’s fault with life.
The errors grow unceasingly since Cain.
The errors, how long ‘til they be swept away?

Our hastening age has our darkening sound,
A dimming of lights when all silence is lost.
Each shout is louder than the last.

Our faith now in our artificial lights,
The stars of heaven, so long our guide,
Are swept away as is our wonder.

Defeated is man’s cause to look upon the sky,
Defeated now by man’s own hand,
And not whose hand it was, it is, that will
Not let man’s lowly towers breach the sky.

We shout against our shouting against us.
Turned in entirely on himself, our oroboros
feeds on explosion feeding on explosion

until .


There is magnificence in this: That all
Who know the one they know have naught
To fear because the one they know is life.

Who is this that looks forth like the dawn,
Fair as the moon, bright as the sun,
Terrible as an army with banners?