A Seminarian on Date Night [formerly “Date Night To a Seminarian”; rev. 1-13-2019; 3rd attempt]

A Seminarian on Date Night

The first time we met, she poured out her heart to me a few times about how concerned she was that I needed to clean up my act. After the third time, I got the clue that she was interested in me. I was so immature then that I’m pretty sure all I could do was look around and wonder what more there was to life, so I’ve been pretty set on trying to find someone else most days ever since.

Maybe I’m finally getting older and wiser, but I finally took a good long look in her eyes and realized she’s always been true to me even when I haven’t been so faithful to her. Let me be frank–the signs of the times keep telling me, though I don’t know why, that she’s told all the other ladies by now that they don’t stand a chance of getting me anymore, and all so she might make it a point to them about staying true, too.

We spent a quiet Friday evening together again as has become our practice. I sang to her and rested in her arms for a bit lamenting how I don’t deserve her. Then I knelt for her and held her hand, asking how I could help her family. I held her near my heart for a time and listened to her whisper about all she hoped for in life. At the end of the evening, I sang for her again and bid her farewell at the gate outside her Father’s house.