Theodicy – Contemplation with a Crucifix

Theodicy – Contemplation with a Crucifix

You embrace our crosses by the Cross.
You trample death by death.

You conquer our sin by our sin.
You enlighten darkness by night.

You fulfill emptiness by emptying.
You satisfy hunger by hungering.

You protect the fearing by fear of You.
You halt all anxieties by what is enough for the day.

You reclaim the seduced by seduction.
You burn away lust by lust’s passion.

You answer unknowing by unknowing.
You purify curiosity by wonder.

You beautify the attractive by attraction.
You appeal to the distasteful by the wounds of the distasteful.

You console pain by all pain.
You give meaning to privation by defining privation.

You ensnare all evil snares by evil’s snares.
You steal the stolen by thievery.

You unbind by binding and weaken the strong man by weakness.
You mean no when you say ‘no’ to silence every no by your yes.

You save who none can save.
You open the grave by entering the grave.

For we who follow you,
we disciple by the discipline
to do the same.

You bestow life to those in the grave,
oh God of the living
and of the dead.