The Laborer Cries to Heaven for Justice

The Laborer Cries to Heaven for Justice

Oh, Advocate, hear my appeal!
Spirit of Truth, attend to my cries!
Have mercy! Fill the hungry with good things!

Pope Leo XIII, where is your cause?
Is the ever ancient living wage
too antiquated to be a new thing, too?

Seduced by so many new things,
all banal and inauthentic,
progress motivated by moral regress,

who puts on display that
stored up treasury of Heaven
by withholding both old and new?

These new things do not yet suffice
and the entrance to the store room
is impassible to the trending disarray!

You counterfeiters of nourishment,
depriving the laborer
of the very grain you make him gather,

what good are you,
untested by fleeting time,
but to fuel the furnace?

The laborers, again
deprived of their wages,
cry to the Just Judge for warmth.

Saint James the Less, pray for us.
Saint Joseph the Worker, pray for us.
Saint Bonaventure, pray for us.

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, pray for us.