Gordian Knot

Gordian Knot
Et clamabitis in die illa a facie regis vestri, quem elegistis vobis: et non exaudiet vos Dominus in die illa, quia petistis vobis regem.–1 Samuel 8:18

They cannot say how Alexander made the knot come loose.
Did he remove and find its ends? Unpin the yoke? Or slice?
The certainty lies only in his Persian poisoning.

If you would love a king unseen upon his mercy seat,
than follow me upon my throne and mercy, you will see.

The knot of knots that is not knotted elsewhere but the soul
is slipped through mercy’s hands while mending all that is unknown.

One slice of sword could not undo the problems of the world,
but by my piercéd side behold the cleansing I’d foretold.

And by my cross that is my throne, my mother weeps with me
for all the injuries that were not caused by you or me
who know the wounds of all mankind because mankind has sinned
against the One who knows his wounds and takes his wounds to him.

The glory of the mercy seat belongs upon my throne
and though your wounds are not your own
your wounds are all called home.

The many wounds that you have known
and many more to come are in the wound
that you are in with me upon my throne.