Old Zosimus Views Saint Peter’s Colonnade [formerly “Old Zosimus”; rev. 12-29-2018]

Old Zosimus Views Saint Peter’s Colonnade

As he poured over the parchments,
scrolls and enchiridia and bound volumes
lining the archival [a]isles without end,
Old Zosimus cried out Eureka!

He drew out from under a pile of scrolls
the means of weights and measures
drawn up and tallied before the rising waters:
a clay tablet of conversions in cuneiform.

These, he told his students, are none other
than the blueprints of the Tower of Babel!

if only they would be so daring
as to build again in Siloam

from upon that ladder of divine ascent–
with its five rungs crossing,
perpendicular to its two legs–
that Jacob set in place above the restoration

of the sepulchre & beneath the window
to the cenacle’s upper room wherein the load
b[e]aring ivory pillar–centered–supports
the summit’s peak, plum above the cenacle’s tomb.

Round-about the pillar was the table
of the sepulchre’s altar stone, round-about
which every servant rests in peace,
reclined and served by the true wisdom

of their master teacher’s mum.