The Bones of Hanno

The Bones of Hanno

Like Punxsutawney Phil fearing his shadow on Candlemas, the announcement of the official opening date of the II Vatican Council was made on 2 February 1962. On that day, winter foodstuffs & seeds must still be enough to feed the livestock for ploughing and fertilizing the fields.

Later that same month, the forgotten bones of Hanno, the white Indian Elephant gifted to Pope Leo X by the Imperial King of Portugal, were mistakenly rediscovered while workers dug in the Cortile de Belvedere to modernize the Vatican’s heating and cooling systems. Benedict later installed solar panels.

The rooms, well tempered, need no candles.
The liturgy forgot the bees.
Benedict remembered the bees.

struck by an earthquake,
lost all its power.

The elephant in the room is dead.
Long live the Queen who remembers
the orders of her hive.