Requiescat in Pace

Requiescat in Pace
+For Brother Martin Yribarren, Fratres scholarum christianarum

When the Pied Piper comes,
the kaliope plays
and the city is led asunder.

The harmony rings
from the Celestial Spheres
are broken
by the claps of thunder.

The electric lights
are for nights with no life
and the Queen’s hive
has fallen to plunder

while the flowers that grew
that the honeycomb knew
have failed to produce

The old flame that burns
where the candles are “new”
puts the oil of false candles to shame,
for the bride and her light
still burning for You
has returned
from where she came.

The halls of the catacombs
beneath the school
have returned to give Glory
her name.

The silence that fell
from Saint Mary’s bell
was the silence of your new King
on the eve of the vigil
you have come to call
the calling of God by Name.

If you look up to see
where the speakers
would sound
recordings of wavelengths reduced,
you’d see now the sound
of the circles you knew
from the lighthouse’s

The truth of the stories
you’ve read or you’ve heard
is none other than the name
who you knew.

And the name you now know
is the brother you have found
coming to bring you through
to the town where you live
from the city that fell
where the Piper was not pied
but acclaimed
for the Dream of Gerontius
his choire sang just for you
before he knew
you remembered his name.

May he be remembered
as you remember Me
as often as you break my Host
to distribute to God
the God of my self
from the Lamb
of so many ghosts.