Apologia Pro Vita Sua [rev. 1-16-2019]

Apologia Pro Vita Sua
+After Archbishop Viganò’s Last Appeal

Ignorance being no excuse,
and the neglect of moral conscience
being an intentional hardening of one’s own heart,
I submit, now, before the Righteous Judge
and the whole world’s court of public opinion
that certitude of moral wrong, in thought and deed, exists,
and that,

myself having been born amongst mankind
into the failure of man’s moral obedience
and those consequences imposed by God through His greatest glory,

and myself having been baptized
but failed to keep my baptismal promises
many times each day
since my mind attained the age of reason
and my whole soul became intellectually culpable
for listening to and willing forward
my well-formed and conscientious heart,

attest that I have no excuses for my past immoralities and indiscretions
regarding what I have done and have failed to do,
especially where such may have misled others to scandal
of involvement in sinful conduct of any kind.

I, therefore, throw myself on the Mercy
of the Just Judge of all and His Heavenly Court,
pleading also the pardon of the court of public opinion
in the search for good will amongst men
and the search for good faith
that men be true to their word.

I admit fully
that I deserve not reprieve
for my faults and offenses,
but death on a cross.

Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.

I offer no defense
and await the rest.