+After Saint Anthony of Padua+

Then I came to the shepherd children’s 13th Station
of the Via Crucis on which is found all we’ve lost,
where she wept, trembling, to Nicodemus, with his pincers,
Remove the nails slowly so as not to damage the corpse.


As the eve of the Sabbath descended,
as the Second Eve’s lamentations arose,
five wounds born from on high were reopened
and anointed for the Second Adam’s repose.

At the tomb offered from Arimathea–
Joseph’s wealth become his head stooping down–
lay Christ’s head, given place for His resting,
wreathed with blood from his victorious crown.

The hope of a new generation–
the passover of old fathers in faith,
for the Harrowing of Christ’s Holy Mother
claims recovery of all that Christ made.

The pain of her grief unto mourning–
through salt tears she poured over three nights–
flowed with water and blood, like Christ’s Nation
whose whole Kingdom was then in Her sight.

The pain of her moaning and weeping,
like the oils on Christ’s corpse, that she spread,
were the oils of Christ’s Holy Family
preparing Hope–the Resurrection of the Dead.


The Light to the Nations among us,
risen following the Sabbath night’s day
when the tombs of Christ’s fathers were opened
fulfilling the call of His following Way,
for the loss that they had of their nation
is but loss from passed kingdoms of dread,
for the Holy Land’s True liberation
waits in Heaven, at Christ’s hands, instead.

The salt of the pillar behind us
like the lake bed beneath the dead sea before–
are not the source of Christ’s bloodshed
like our lands of Christ’s family at war.

Jerusalem, be not forgotten.
New Jerusalem, our Hope of New Peace!
Descend, soon, to harrow our nations
and set every captive’s heart free!